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, About Us, TerraThrive Retail ProductsIt all began the day Jack Chamber’s garden center told him his garden and compost needed earthworms to improve the health and fertility of his soil. He visited a local worm farm, bought a bucket of worms and placed them in his compost pile.

He then left on a two-week excursion as a commercial airline captain. When he returned, he was astonished how the worms had worked through the green waste in his compost pile, producing a dark, rich, crumbly material. He was inspired.

Jack bought that worm farm and began a more than 25 year commitment to understanding everything there is to know about earthworms and the important role they play in soil health and fertility. He traveled the world talking with academics, scientists and all kinds of farmers and growers to increase his knowledge and understanding. He developed the proprietary production process and continuous-flow reactors that to this day are the foundation of all of our worm-based organic soil amendments, mixes and conditioners.

Jack observed the many benefits of worm castings and extract in his own backyard garden where he was growing herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers. All the plants in his garden were vigorous, vibrant and healthy. You could see it in the luster and color of the leaves, the sturdiness of the stalks, the size of the blooms and the heartiness of the produce. The plants had absolutely no disease. His garden was not only extraordinarily productive, but everything he picked and ate from it tasted amazing.

Jack put his garden fresh fruits and vegetables in a box by the back door. It filled quickly with a surplus beyond what Jack and his family could eat, surprising everyone how long the fruits and vegetables stayed fresh there without any kind of refrigeration. As many as two weeks later, the bounty in the box still looked as beautiful as the day it was picked.

Jack used no fertilizers or chemicals of any kind in his garden. He knew that the health and fertility of his soil was the reason for the performance of his garden. And he knew that the red wiggler worms (eisenia fetida) were responsible for the health of his soil.

Jack always says he was observing something important to the future of agriculture. The health of his plants, their productivity, their resilience, their complete lack of disease, and the exceptional taste of his vegetables, herbs and fruit were telling him something. This was certainly very different from the produce he purchased at his grocery store. By comparison, store bought produce was tasteless, under ripe, lacking in nutrition and quick to spoil.

Over the years, Jack’s company, TerraVesco has grown to one of the largest producers of vermicompost and extract in the country. We know after years of working with growers and farmers, academics and scientists that vermicompost delivers vital nutrients and abundant microbes to the soil. In the process, microbes consume nutrients and minerals and convert them to compounds that plants can more efficiently uptake, maximizing their growth potential.

Microbiology, as in human health and medicine, is the new frontier of modern agriculture. While the Green Revolution in agriculture has been focused on feeding plants and the important role of fertilizer, fungicides and pesticides, today’s farmers are increasingly focused on feeding the soil. There is growing acceptance that healthy, fertile soils are essential to growing healthy plants. This trend is commonly referred to as the Brown Revolution.

TerraVesco is a science-based company committed to advancing the understanding of life in the soil and how billions of microbes promote and support plant health. Our products are certified organic, chemical-free and environmentally safe. We have worked successfully for nearly thirty years with some of the most demanding growers and farmers. We have helped them build soil health and improve the yields and the quality of their vineyards, fields and orchards.

Whether you are a commercial grower, farmer or enthusiastic gardener, our complete line of organic soil amendments can help you improve the health and fertility of your soil and grow healthier, more vibrant plants. We believe that when using our products, you too will experience the same wondrous results that Jack does in his backyard garden each and everyday.

Our Mission and Values

         Our        Mission

Healthy Soil. Healthy Plants. Healthy People.

  • We pursue a deeper understanding of the nature of soil and plants
  • We work hand-in-hand with the genius of nature to grow healthier, more resilient plants
  • We promote better human, animal and environmental health by supporting an organic, sustainable approach to agriculture, landscaping and home gardening
  • We support the transition from a conventional approach to modern, global agriculture, to one that seeks biological and sustainable solutions to meet the challenge of feeding a world with increasing human population and declining natural resources

       Our          Values

Everything that we do at TerraVesco is guided by our core values.

  • Producing the highest quality organic soil amendments to improve soil health and plant resilience. 

We leverage the tireless work of earthworms (eisenia fetida) to produce biologically superior Vermicompost and Extract, following strict processes that ensure consistency. We affirm quality through independent testing and trial-supported performance.

  • Satisfying and delighting our customers. 

We are here because of you. We strive to meet or exceed your expectations, so you can deliver superior produce and plants to your customers.  We use a data gathering, problem-solving approach and value transparency and education. Improving soil health is the cornerstone to sustainable agriculture and feeding the world—and we’re in this together.

  • Supporting our employees.

 We strive to maintain an environment of respect, honesty and fairness while   seeking collaboration and creativity in all of our business activities. We look to recognize and reward excellence.  We promote professional growth and achievement through ongoing training and education, and we look to share financial success with all of our employees.

  • Creating wealth through profits and growth.

We recognize that profits create the necessary financial resources to support constant product and service improvements. We manage our business in accordance with sound business practices and rigorous financial analysis, and we look to manage growth prudently and wisely.

  • Caring about our communities and the environment.

We support a sustainable approach to agriculture, landscaping and home gardening by supplying organic inputs that enhance soil health and fertility. We are committed to educating people about the benefits of sustainable practices. We value our community by paying our employees a fair wage, and by donating a percentage of our profits to organizations and causes that share our purpose.

  • Creating ongoing mutually beneficial partnerships with our suppliers.

We select suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability, integrity, and fairness. We work cooperatively toward our respective objectives, while pursuing a shared goal of minimizing impact on the environment

, About Us, TerraThrive Retail Products

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